[wingide-users] Choice of Version Software

Michael Hipp michael at redmule.com
Tue Jan 3 10:47:00 MST 2012

On 2012-01-03 11:27 AM, rich wrote:
> Which version control software is best for me ?
> I am a single user with desktop Ubuntu at office, Win7 laptop from home, using
> Dropbox sync right now for my 'current project versions' which is working
> pretty well. I probably only need to do commits on my office machine and may
> continue to use dropbox from my Win7 machine. I probably don't need a remote
> access server.
> I think I prefer to keep the repository on my local Ubuntu machine. Simpler is
> better if I'm not giving up something critical. Security is not a big concern.

I use the same sort of setup but with 2 Win7 machines as my main ones and an 
Ubuntu box that I use occasionally. I keep my entire 'c:\dev' tree in DropBox. 
I never have to do anything to switch from one machine to another. DB keeps 
them both up to date.

If you're somewhat new to VCS you might want to check out Mercurial. It works 
swimmingly and is fairly easy to get started with. It also has excellent GUI 
tools, at least on Windows. But I am now using exclusively Git and very happy 
with it. Getting it set up on Win is somewhat more work and I do everything 
from the CLI.

Git or Mercurial will serve you very well and the fact the the repo is stored 
locally (but kept offsite by DB) works terrifically.

What I'm not yet doing is using VCS directly from within Wing. Call it laziness.


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