[wingide-users] Wing IDE support for printing source hardcopy

David Taylor taylor234 at comcast.net
Wed Feb 29 08:59:01 MST 2012

+1 on better printing control. I get the impression that hardly anyone
prints code any more, but I find I think better if I can get away from the
computer and just read the code and mark it up. I find it easier to work out
coordinated changes that way rather than doing each one immediately.
My priorities for printing are (1) give me some kind of in-comment character
that will trigger a page break so I can organize the printed code a little
better, and (2) have printing use the colors I have assigned to the source
code rather than reverting them back to a standard set. 


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I actually like the code-coloration in the printed version.

On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 6:40 AM, Barry Mossman <BarryMossman at primos.com.au>

I sometimes like to print my source so that I can review overall structure
offline, without the temptation of entering into some micro edit & test


Wing could better support source hardcopy printing.


When working from hardcopy I prefer a B&W printout, with the font size set
to suit a page rather than my screens, and with line numbers turned off.


It would be good if the Edit|Preferences|Editor|Printing tab had support for
these options, rather than having to alter the main options before and after
any source print session.


PS: Thanks for Wing IDE. It is a super product. 



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