[wingide-users] Fwd: Doing "Find Uses" and Search and Replace all at once

Ken Kinder kkinder at gmail.com
Tue Feb 14 00:40:30 MST 2012

(Oops, sent this to Wing Support -- meant to send it to the mailing list)

FWIW, I noticed PyCharm has a nice feature, and I think Wing should have
it too. Basically, it's hard to trust Wing's refactoring tools for large
projects with lots of templates and dynamic assignments. For example, if
I have a class named SpamEggs, Wing will find Python uses of it, but not
more subtle ones like in a Mako template: ${SpamEggs()}

So whenever I use Python's refactoring tools, I always double-check my
work with regular old search. And for the same reason, I usually skip
"Find Uses" and go right to the search tool.

PyCharm automates that extra step. If you use one of those tools with it
-- refactor, say -- it will prompt you to also search textually. Hits
found through code analysis are automatically suppressed from the text
search, so the text search only shows you what you might have missed in
the automated part.

That's valuable because it gives you the confidence to use refactoring
tools knowing that, since you don't see any textual results at the
bottom of the refactoring list, you aren't missing any corner cases. And
if you do see some textual search results, you can do them by hand after
letting the IDE do most of the work.

Does that make sense or seem like an idea worthy for inclusion in Wing?

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