[wingide-users] Small suggestion: allow rename of self

Donovan Eastman dpeastman at gmail.com
Sat Feb 4 22:04:28 MST 2012

I just noticed that the "Refactor->Rename Symbol" command won't work on
a variable named "self." Here is my use case as to why it should be
allowed: I wrote a class method.  Then I decided to take this method out of
the class and make it a standalone function.  So I now call it as foo(bar)
instead of bar.foo().  It no longer makes sense to have a variable in my
function named "self" -- now I want it named "bar" instead.

The rationale for disallowing renaming of self is pretty obvious, but in
the Pythonic "we're all big kids here" spirit, I'd suggest that it should
be allowed.

Not a big deal -- the workaround is easy.  But thought I'd pass along the
suggestion nonetheless.

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