[wingide-users] Run a script with redirected STDIN/STDOUT

gituliar oleksandr gituliar at gmail.com
Wed Feb 1 06:21:59 MST 2012

I'm working on the script which reads STDIN and writes to STDOUT. While developing I'd like to
  * run the script with redirected STDIN from some file, similar to bash: '$ ./script.py < data.in'; and
  * same as above for debugging.

It looks like the first case may be implemented using OS Commands tool. So, I defined a command "bash python2.7 script.py < data.in" which fails with "exit code of 126". Does anybody know what's wrong with it?

As for the second I have no ideas, since Debug dialog proposes to provide only command line arguments.

Please, anybody that faced similar problems share your experience.

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