[wingide-users] Python shell ambiguous state

Christopher Fry cfry1 at MIT.EDU
Wed Dec 19 03:33:10 EST 2012

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To: Christopher Fry
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Subject: Re: [wingide-users] Python shell ambiguous state

On 12/18/12 1:41 PM, Christopher Fry wrote:
> The Python shell in the Wing IDE does not make it obvious whether
> a computation is in progress or has completed.

The prompt should not be printed until the last statement entered has
been completed.

fry sez: here's what I mean by really obvious:
When I execute the current file in the shell, don't print
[evaluate foo.py]
"Evaluating foo.py ..."
and when its done, print the value of the last expression in the file
followed by 
"foo.py loaded."

> But that's not the only problem. During a long runing computation,
> the >>> is printed

This shouldn't be happening unless, perhaps, if threads are involved.

> Speaking of infinite loops, how do I stop one in the shell? I don't want to
> restart the shell as I want to preserve its basic state, just halt the currently
> executing statement. There might be some magical keystroke incantation,
> but please stick it on the Options menu so it can easily be discovered.

Currently there isn't a way to break into a loop.  This is something we
need to add.  As a workaround, you may want to run code in the debugger.

Fry sez: Yes I toggle back and forth between the debugger and the shell because
neither is good enough. I'd be happy to help you on designing it so that it is.
I've done that a number of times before.



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