[wingide-users] Trouble attaching to already-running process

Paul Du Bois dubois at doublefine.com
Fri Dec 14 20:04:38 EST 2012

> If the debug process is not running any Python code for a while then
> Wing may fail to attach (servicing the TCP/IP socket is done from code
> invoked from the tracer).  However, that may not be the issue since you
> could attach by hand to that port.

Aha. That was indeed the issue. I am debugging a PyQt application and can
get wing to attach by provoking it into executing python code.  Thanks!

> After trying this again and having it fail, can you send the entire
> IDE-side log, which is most easily done by submitting a bug report from
> the Help menu and including the error log when prompted?

Please ignore the two bugs+logfiles I sent while getting this to reproduce ;)
The third time was the charm.


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