[wingide-users] Script request: `select-next-string` and `select-prev-string`

Ram Rachum ram at rachum.com
Wed Dec 12 10:55:55 EST 2012

Hi guys!

There's a couple of scripts that I've been wanting for a while, but I'm not
sure how to implement them.

If anyone has the time and willingness to develop them, I'll be grateful.

The scripts I suggest would be called `select-next-string` and
`select-prev-string`. They would select string literals. If the cursor is
on a string literal, `select-next-string` would select it. Another
invocation would select the next string literal in the
document. `select-prev-string` would obviously be the same thing, just
backwards. (Except I think it shouldn't select the current string literal,
only the previous one.)

Then I would want two more commands that would select only the contents of
the string, without the enclosing quotes. But that I can do myself given
the 2 commands above.

If anyone feels like implementing this, I'll be happy to see it. Let me

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