[wingide-users] Trouble attaching to already-running process

Paul Du Bois dubois at doublefine.com
Wed Dec 12 00:50:27 EST 2012

I'm running the latest Wing Pro 4.1 on win32 (4.1.9-1 (rev 27437)) and am trying to set up a workflow where I can attach to an already-running .pyw process.

Passive connect works just fine -- ie, I can start the debugger, then the app, and the app successfully connects to the debugger.  I cannot use "Debug -> Attach to Process...", though; not even if I launch from the IDE, detach, then try to reattach. 

The wingdbstub log file doesn't have much interesting in it.  It certainly seems to have bound the port:

wingdbg - 2012/12/11 21:23:28 - 'CHECK FOR CONNECTION' 
wingdbg - 2012/12/11 21:23:28 - 'LISTENER INFO:' ('', 50015) 
wingdbg - 2012/12/11 21:23:28 - 'SELECT RESULT' [] [] []

I can connect to 50015 by hand from a python console, too; and netstat shows I'm connecting to the app that's imported wingdbstub.

There are no weird permissions or user issues; the wingdbgpw file in my userprofile is readable.  Just in case, I've also copied it next to wingdbstub.py

When I attach, nothing happens -- the info light on the bottom left stays white.  Trying to attach again brings up the dialog box:
Could not attach to host, port 50015: The remote process is not accepting connections, or is not running.  This may be caused by a missing or incorrect wingdebugpw file.  The wingdebugpw file in the IDE's user settings directory (C:\Users\dubois\AppData\Roaming\Wing IDE 4) must match the wingdebugpw file that is being read by the debug process (see kPWFilePath in wingdbstub.py).

My debugger messages are not so interesting:

No debug process / not listening for connections
No debug process / listening for connections on TCP/IP port 50005
Allowed hosts:

Any thoughts on how to troubleshoot this further?  The verbose log is extremely verbose, but I haven't found anything interesting in it.


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