[wingide-users] Feature: symlink toggle for search

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Mon Aug 27 09:36:09 MDT 2012

Diogo Baeder wrote:
> I'd like to propose the creation of a feature: toggling on and of 
> symbolic links for file search (maybe with an option at Preferences).
> Suppose you have the following files inside a project:
> foo/bar.py
> foo-link/bar.py
> and "bar.py" contains "def foo()", and "foo-link/" is a symlink for 
> "foo/". What happens if you search for "def foo()" is that the results 
> get duplicated, which is much noisier if you're trying to do cleanups 
> or refactoring code, for example.
> What do you think?

I was slightly surprised to see that we don't already have this.  I 
agree it would be a good option to add to the Options menu in the Search 
in Files tool.

In fact I think it's a bug that it's showing duplicate results here.  We 
try not to do that if a file is found twice this way.



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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