[wingide-users] pylint environment

Wingware Support support at wingware.com
Mon Aug 27 09:30:11 MDT 2012

Wingware Support wrote:
> It may be, however, that using that entire path will crash pylint b/c 
> it's compiled for another version of Python.  Extension modules are 
> compiled specific to a major release of Python (like 2.6 vs. 2.7 vs. 
> 3.2, etc).  If that's the case you're stuck with manually adding path 
> items in Python Path in Project Properties.

Sorry, I just need to correct a misstatement I made in the above:  
PyLint isn't compiled for that version of Python...  The issue is that 
the #!/usr/bin/python may be selecting a Python version that isn't 
compatible with your Python Path.  This should only be a problem if it's 
a finding an extension module that pylint happens to import as part of 
its normal operations, such as something in the standard library.  As I 
think I noted before PyLint doesn't actually execute any code so it 
won't be importing your modules for real.

Please let me know if this still isn't clear.



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