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Mon Aug 27 09:24:27 MDT 2012

Aleh Arol wrote:
> I see it, will double check, just to clarify - I'd like it to know my
> custom python which has correct pythonpath compiled in already(that's
> probably set_pypath=True does...). I'm not sure how it will do this
> cause pylint cmd is a python executable which has #!/usr/bin/python in
> it's top line...
> for now I even got the core(_PyImport_LoadDynamicModule is the top
> unserstandable symbol i see) when explicitly made pylint find my
> extension modules by changing python path via pylint, if do nothing and
> use env it doesn't crash. That's how I know it doesn't take the correct path

Did you try setting Python Executable in Wing's Project Properties (from 
the Project menu) to your custom Python?  Wing runs that and gets the 
value of sys.path, so that may be enough to get the right path to be 
sent to pylint (and everything else Wing does).

It may be, however, that using that entire path will crash pylint b/c 
it's compiled for another version of Python.  Extension modules are 
compiled specific to a major release of Python (like 2.6 vs. 2.7 vs. 
3.2, etc).  If that's the case you're stuck with manually adding path 
items in Python Path in Project Properties.


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