[wingide-users] problems with the command line unittest runner

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Fri Aug 17 11:44:14 MDT 2012

Pablo Adames wrote:
> Thanks, it worked in the old dual core laptop I have...
> now I can justify getting a newer one for my python development.
> I used a Windows Power Shell command line like this:
> PS C:\Pablo\PIPEFLO-RegTest> python "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wing IDE
> 4.1\src\testing\runners\run_unittests_xml.py"  --output-file=test.xml
> --one-module-per-process -q testXMLParsing
> Running module C:\Program Files (x86)\Wing IDE
> 4.1\src\testing\runners\run_unittests_xml.py in C:\Pablo\PIPEFLO-RegTest
> Running module testXMLParsing in C:\Pablo\PIPEFLO-RegTest
> I found this more a documentation problem than anything.
> I am surprised I did not see the exception using the above syntax and I
> could load the results easily...mmm

Glad that helped get it working.

> Are you guys using argparse for comamnd line parsing?
> I think that argparse properly used could have avoided the problems I
> encountered.

No, we don't because this code also needs to run under older versions of 
Python that don't have argparse.


Stephan Deibel
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