[wingide-users] problems with the command line unittest runner

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Fri Aug 17 09:59:31 MDT 2012

Pablo Adames wrote:
> I have difficulty with the syntax of the command line test runner:
> The Wing IDE help documentation says the option 
> --output=file=<filename> should write xml output file when running 
> src/testing/runners/run_unittest_xml.py
> I have tried also --output=<filename>, --outputfile=<filename> 
> unsuccessfully. It does not recognize the parameter.
> So I get a stdout text that is not XML parser ready unless I edited it 
> manually(!)

Looks like there is a typo in the docs.  It should be 

> I tried also the parallel test execution which is probably the most 
> exciting feature that would make the tool worth using and it does not 
> recognize it either:
> --one-process-per-module as per the help documentation.
> The script source code looks for the parameter 
> --one-module-per-process in line 55:
> process_per_module = wingtest_common.PopFromArgv(argv, 
> '--one-module-per-process')
> So I use it but it does not recognize it either (a sample command line 
> and output after my signature)

Yes, the docs are wrong here too and I can't get that option working 
either.  I'll get back to you when I have more info on this part of the 

> python "C:\Program Files (x86)\Wing IDE 
> 4.1\src\testing\runners\run_unittests_xml.py"  
> --one-module-per-process testComparisonEngine

Hmm, well, it took me quite a while of digging through source code to 
figure out how to get this to work at all and here is one example that 
does work, although without the --one-module-per-process option:

   python ~/src/ide/src/testing/runners/run_unittests_xml.py 
--output-file=test.xml -q test_textutils.CTextUtils.testQuotedSplit

The key things are the -q option followed by 
modulename.classname.testName (not just testName by itself).

Sorry this is so poorly documented.  I'll fix the docs and will get back 
to you when we have a fix for the --one-module-per-process option.

Thanks for pointing out these problems!


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
Advancing Software Development


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