[wingide-users] Wing IDE cannnot find Python even when I specify path

Edward Diener eldlistmailingz at tropicsoft.com
Wed Aug 8 17:14:06 MDT 2012

I am using Wing IDE Personal 3.2.0-1 x64 on Fedora 17. Python 2.7.3 x64 
is installed. When I start the IDE I get a message:

"Python could not be found or is not installed on this computer. You 
need to install Python before you can debug or obtain correct source 
code analysis results.  If Python is already installed, use Project 
Properties to set the Python Executable to use."

I go to Project Properties and put in the path to the Python executable. 
But when I start Wing IDE again I get the same message.

Is the latest version of Python 2 not compatible with the Wing IDE 3 ? 
Do I need to upgrade to Wing IDE 4 ?

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