[wingide-users] Suggestion for 'Testing' tool

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Mon Apr 23 07:39:06 MDT 2012

Michael Hipp wrote:
> When Wing first starts, in the testing tool it just shows all the 
> modules that Wing found. It doesn't show anything within the modules 
> (i.e. classes, methods). There seems to be no way to expand the 
> modules so I can run individual tests within that module. My only 
> choice is to either run all tests or run all tests within a module. 
> Once I have run all tests within a module I can then run individual ones.
> Could we add a command something conceptually similar to "Reanalyze 
> file" to populate the tree under each module so that an individual 
> test can be run?
> Often it is very inconvenient to have to run a bunch of tests other 
> than the one I'm currently working on.

One way to do this is open the test file and select Run Tests at Cursor 
from the Testing menu.

We'll try to add a way to scan for tests without running them.  Some 
test suites make that impossible but it should work in many cases.



Stephan Deibel
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