[wingide-users] Two requests

Johannes Raggam raggam-nl at adm.at
Fri Apr 13 17:22:46 MDT 2012

> 1. Currently the *.py files that are open in a project are ordered 
> alphabetically on their tabs. IMHO one should be able to *drag and drop
> the tabs   to any position desired*. Note, this is possible in some IDEs
> (e.g. MATLAB) and   I find this feature very useful when editing a small
> subset of the project files.

this is actually a common feature request.
I would even suggest to implement it like the firefox addon "tree style tab" (see https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/tree-style-tab/ ). Even if the addon is a bit overengineered it is so awesome that i cannot miss it at my daily web recherche. It displays all open tabs vertically in a side bar and allows grouping/nesting as one like. This way much more tabs can be displayed and tabs which belong together can be grouped in subtrees.
This could also be very useful for an IDE, like WingIDE.

Best,johannes raggam 

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