[wingide-users] Two requests

Virgil Stokes vs at it.uu.se
Fri Apr 13 01:26:05 MDT 2012

I have been using Wing IDE for several years and it has definitely decreased by 
software development time. However, there are two additions to Wing IDE that I 
believe could speed things up even more:

1. Currently the *.py files that are open in a project are ordered 
alphabetically on their tabs. IMHO one should be able to *drag and drop the tabs 
to any position desired*. Note, this is possible in some IDEs (e.g. MATLAB) and 
I find this feature very useful when editing a small subset of the project files.
2. I find that bookmarks can be very useful when working with large files; but, 
there is one annoying thing that happens too often to me. Suppose I have defined 
many bookmarks in a file and then after extensive editing on this file with the 
help of these bookmarks, I save this file with a new name.  The old name then 
will no longer be in the tabs; but, the bookmarks still apply to the old file 
--- not the one that was saved under a new name. What often happens is that I 
click on a bookmark and fail to notice that I am not in the new file, but in the 
older one, and thus any editing I now do will be to the old file which is not my 
intent --- I hope that you understand the problem.  It would be better IMHO that 
*bookmarks be shown for and apply only to the *.py file that is currently the 
active file in the editor window* (or at least one should be able to choose this 
as an option).

Best regards :-)
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