[wingide-users] (no subject)

harald at thingelstad.org harald at thingelstad.org
Wed Apr 4 05:15:54 MDT 2012

One of the great things with Python 3 code is support for UTF-8 as
default, and with that comes support for non-ascii variable names.
I don't know which PEP this is and in which Python version this is
first implemented in, but at least in Python 3.2.2 it works

In wing, however, it fails with a message like «Symbol æ: Invalid
source code» in the Source Assistant and so on. I guess Unicode
character types works best with Python 3.?.?

Could this be fixed, somehow?

Thanks in advance,

(*) At my current skill I write code that at least would have to go
trough a rewrite or two before it needs English variable names, so it's
easier to use native language.

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