[wingide-users] WindIDE toobox window window title

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Thu Sep 29 13:54:14 MDT 2011

On 9/29/11 1:44 PM, Joon Ro wrote:
> This is a trivial matter but would it be possible to change the window 
> title of the toolbox window of wingide to something more easily 
> distinguishable from the main editor window?
> For example, currently the main window's title is "Wing IDE: 
> project.wpr: file.pyx (folder)" and the tool box window's name is 
> "Wing IDE: project.wpr: Tool Box".
> Since the first part is the same for both windows, it is somewhat hard 
> to distinguish one from the other. If the title of the toolbox window 
> is something like "Wing IDE: Tool Box: project.wpr", then it would be 
> much easier to identify.
> I'm saying this because I'm trying to assign global hotkeys to 
> activate the both windows and it is somewhat tricky with both windows 
> have the same titles.
> I could use regex I guess but still it would be great if it is more 
> easily identifiable.

We could reverse the order of the items in the window title "filename: 
project: Wing IDE" and "Tool Box: Wing IDE" or also leave out the "Wing 
IDE".  But will that help or still be a problem since then the IDE 
window changes the leading part of the name depending on current editor?


Stephan Deibel
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