[wingide-users] RE: Can't open second instance of file

Anthony Floyd anthony.floyd at convergent.ca
Wed Sep 28 10:48:10 MDT 2011

I should add that this seems to happen only with "Open from project", which I use with the keyboard shortcuts all the time. It seems using the File|Open menu item opens the file in the second window fine.


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Like others, I use multiple WingIDE windows when programming. I was being bit by the "files only open in the primary window" bug, checked for updates and discovered the patch released for that. Thanks!

However, there's still a bug (or at least a change in behaviour from previous releases of Wing) in that I cannot open a second instance of a file in the secondary window. That is, given file foo.py is open in the one window, when I try to open the same file in a second window, what happens is that just the file in first window gains focus. I want a second instance in the second window.

Have I missed something? This turns out to be a pretty common part of my workflow.


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