[wingide-users] Re: Implementing Smart-Cut and Smart-Copy macros

Matthew Zaleski matthew.zaleski at spamcop.net
Mon Sep 26 15:26:06 MDT 2011

Wing IDE Support <support <at> wingware.com> writes:
> On 9/3/09 4:19 PM, Matthew Zaleski wrote:
> > Wing IDE Support<support<at>  wingware.com>  writes:
> >
> >> I think the issue is that paste is asynchronous (because of the gui
> >> library we use).  We've run into problems with this ourselves.  I'll try
> >> to come up with a workaround.
> >>
> > Is there any way for me to toss my ExecuteCommand() to the GUI framework?
> > In Java, I used to have to create a bundled object to add to the list 
> > of pending UI thread Run objects.
> The best thing to do here is probably to try and make paste synchronous 
> in most cases.  Otherwise you'd need a way to do something after paste 
> completes, which seems unnecessarily complex.
> BTW, the way to add a function to be called later is via app.InstallTimeout

Dredging up an old topic of mine since I never got this working.

Is there any solution to the asynchronous editor behavior I was seeing?  A
smart-copy macro is pretty useless without a smart-paste macro that works.

I'm not sure how I would use InstallTimeout without that also potentially going
asynchronous on me.

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