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David Taylor taylor234 at comcast.net
Mon Sep 26 12:41:04 MDT 2011

+1 on greater control of printing, including font size control, the use of
user-defined colors rather than reverting to the default colors, and the
option of inserting page-breaks symbols to force new classes to start on new
pages. I gather that programmers in general rely less on printing these days
so this probably isn't a prioroty for you, but it is a vital to the project
I am working on, and I spend more time than I should using work-arounds to
create readable printouts. 

If others value the ability to control printed output, you might want to add
your voices to this request.

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Am 21.09.2011 16:03, schrieb Michael at Redmule.com:
> When printing a python file, the printout ends up with a lot of wasted
> (IMHO) whitespace above the header and below the footer. The header 
> and footer are each about 1.6cm or .625" away from the top/bottom 
> edges on US Letter paper. Is there any way to adjust the print 
> position of the header and footer? I want to get as many lines of 
> print as possible on a page.
May I add that it would be nice if I could change the font size for printing
(especially the width, to have more than 80 characters per line).
Also, currrently the printout colors are the default colors and there's no
way to use the user-defined syntax coloring. Of course not all color
combinations make sense for printing, so maybe it could be made optional.
(Not yet tested with 4.0.4, but it was like that before.)



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