[wingide-users] Wing IDE 4.0.4 released

Dietmar Schwertberger maillist at schwertberger.de
Wed Sep 21 14:47:23 MDT 2011

Am 21.09.2011 22:02, schrieb Wing IDE Support:
> On 9/21/11 3:37 PM, Dietmar Schwertberger wrote:
>> Is there a way to cancel editing when I'm in a multi-line block?
>> I would expect the Escape key to do that. Instead, Escape switches
>> me back to the editor window, but keeps the expression.
> By cancel editing, do you mean stop editing a line and go to a new,
> blank prompt? We could possibly do this with ESC and then have ESC
> return to the editor at an empty prompt.
Would be great.

Anyway, I did not know about the ESC-feature before and I find it
very useful (much nicer than having to use Alt-Tab).

>> Automatic indentation after entering a colon plus Enter would be nice.
> Agreed.
>> When I have moved up the cursor with the mouse or Ctrl-Up and hit Enter,
>> it would be nice if the expression under the cursor would get copied to
>> the input line.
>> (Personally I prefer this to the classical history traversal when I
>> need to go back by more than one or two expressions.)
> We'll consider this. We opted just to support classical history
> traversal here (at least for now).
It's certainly not a high priority. Just nice to have.
Cursor movement is there anyway and so it would probably not interfere
with the classical history usage.



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