[wingide-users] Wing IDE 4.0.4 released

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Mon Sep 19 19:54:13 MDT 2011


We've just released version 4.0.4 of Wing IDE, a maintenance release 
with the following changes:

* History in shells operates on whole blocks
* Option to filter shell history by entered prefix
* Use dynamic analysis for goto-definition in the editor, when available
* Auto-editing (must be enabled with Editor > Auto-Editing preferences):
   * Auto-enter closing quotes, comments, and parentheses, braces, etc
   * Tab through auto-entered invocation arguments
   * Apply quote, comment character, or parenthesis to selection
* Support ## comments and new block syntax in Mako files
* Allow scrolling editor one page below the last line
* Refactoring can move symbols to a new file
* PyLint panel improvements, including support for version 0.23+
* Commands to copy editor and project file names to clipboard
* About 70 other minor features and bug fixes included vi mode improvements

See the change log at 
http://wingware.com/pub/wingide/4.0.4/CHANGELOG.txt for

To download:

Wing IDE Pro:        http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide/4.0
Wing IDE Personal:   http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide-personal/4.0
Wing IDE 101:        http://wingware.com/downloads/wingide-101/4.0



Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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