[wingide-users] Backspace and Shift-Tab behavior change?

Larry Keber lakkal at gmail.com
Fri Oct 28 09:52:57 MDT 2011

Hi, I'm having a maddening time with the behavior of Backspace and
Shift-Tab in the latest version of WingIDE Pro, Windows version.  It's
been happening for at least the last few days and persists in 4.1.0-1.

If I have code like this, with the cursor positioned at the '1', and
press either backspace or shift-tab, the cursor winds up at position
'2'.  Previously it would have wound up at position '3'

            ## optionally write out as file
            if conf.filedir and filename:
                with open(os.path.join(conf.filedir, filename), 'w') as fh:
                3   1

2       if queued and ACK:

I've played around with Preferences a bit but not found a way to restore
the old behavior.  Any ideas?


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