[wingide-users] Porting color themes to Wing from other platforms?

Russell Warren russ at perspexis.com
Thu Oct 27 14:04:46 MDT 2011

Is there any way to port color themes to Wing from other platforms?  Has
anyone had success with this?

Recently I've been doing a bunch of editing with Sublime 2 and I really like
the color schemes in there (eg: "Monokai" and "Pastels On Dark").  It turns
out they originate from TextMate themes.  I've been able to get a bunch of
these over to Gedit via the handy gedit-mate package, and I thought I could
then move the themes over from that into Wing, but it seems that Gedit is
not GTK2, or at least the scheme files aren't compatible.

So... I have some great TextMate themes, and "whatever-Gedit-uses" themes.
 Does anyone know how to use them?

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