[wingide-users] redefinition of _

David Hughes dfh at forestfield.co.uk
Thu Oct 27 10:06:47 MDT 2011

I keep tripping over this one :

When Wing stops at a breakpoint the name _ (single underscore) gets 
(re)defined to hold the result of the last executed expression in the 
debug probe like in any Python interactive session. Unfortunately the 
internationalisation (i18n) module lib/gettext.py installs a *function* 
_() in the Python builtins namespace to hold the 
candidate-for-translation strings. So, on resuming from a breakpoint an 
exception gets raised the next time a call to _() is encountered.

Is there a user workaround for this? If not, would it be possible for 
you to save and restore the original definition on breakpoint entry and 


David Hughes
Forestfield Software

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