[wingide-users] Debugging

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Mon Oct 17 09:07:56 MDT 2011

On 10/14/11 3:00 PM, Dietmar Schwertberger wrote:
> Hi!
> Today I lost some data because while running under the Wing Debugger I
> did the same what I'm usually doing when running "Python -i script.py":
> In the main loop (very often at a raw_input()) I hit the escape button
> to stop e.g. a measurement loop and save the file at the interpreter
> prompt.

Adding the equivalent of a -i mode to the debugger is on our TODO list.

> Also, it would be nice if "External Console Waits on Exit" would
> still close the window when I start a new run. Currently I'm
> collecting a lot of console windows.

Yes, I think that's a good idea.

> While we're at debugging: sometimes I need the debugger to listen
> on a certain network port for remotely debugging my mobile which is
> connected via USB.
> But most of the time this is not connected and so the network interface
> is not available and I get error messages on start-up if I don't turn
> off remote debugging.
> Also, when using multiple instances I need to start them in the right
> ordering such that the right one can grab the network port.
> Are there other people who would prefer to have the External/Remote
> debugging options on a per-project basis rather than a global setting?

You can specify alternate preferences on the command line via the 
--prefs-file argument; see 
http://wingware.com/doc/install/command-line-usage  You can also turn 
listening on and off by clicking on the bug icon at the lower left.



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