[wingide-users] RE: What doc tool do you use?

Richard Shea rshea at thecubagroup.com
Wed Oct 5 17:41:41 MDT 2011

> I can see with a quick search, Sphinx seems to be alive and well, and
> getting the most attention. Any feedback on it? All I need is a
> lightweight
> tool, though I had hoped to use pydoc with GraphViz to produce UML
> diagrams...
I use sphinx very happily. 

The 'autodoc' extension is really (for me) the guts of it. 

In addition there's a project of Etienne Desautels ...


... which is really useful (well done Etienne) and makes 'autodoc'
easier to use. 

I've written some stuff about how to use that script if you find any
difficulties with it ...




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