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On 04/10/2011 03:55, Marc A. Murison wrote:
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>     We plan on improving both in the future and perhaps will support
>     things
>     like epydoc. . .
> +1 +1 +1 +1 !!!

Although epydoc itself is dead, right? (No longer maintained and pretty 
serious bugs in the output from the last released version.)

Does sphinx, along with its autodoc extensions, have any convention 
around parameter types and return values?

I'm also a big anti-fan of dead asserts and isinstances just for the 
sake of Wing. What would be really awesome is if Wing could pickup type 
information (annotating and updating the pi files perhaps) from a test 
run. Allowing for polymorphic calls naturally...

The type inferencing (by static analysis) in the Visual Studio tools for 
python is also pretty awesome (for example if you have a list of tuples 
with a regular type structure it flows the type analysis through - so if 
you unpack the members of the list in a loop it knows the type of the 
unpacked values).

The features provided by Wing code analysis (goto definition and 
autocomplete for example) are big reasons for my love of Wing - so 
seeing competition in this space is definitely good. :-)


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