[wingide-users] Feature request: manual inline type annotation

Linos info at linos.es
Mon Oct 3 01:01:48 MDT 2011

El 02/10/11 19:29, Wing IDE Support escribió:
> On 10/1/11 4:06 PM, Gene Campbell wrote:
>> Hi,
>> + 1 on better auto complete/code intelligence.
>> I love Wing.  I enjoy using it.  It rocks!!!  Long live Wing!!
>> Now, I have been forced to use PyCharm for a client recently, and have
>> concluded it's really good, too.   PyCharm can do this without
>> littering the source with isinstance().
> There are cases that PyCharm picks up that Wing doesn't and the reverse may be
> true; I really don't know the full extent of what PyCharm can and can't pick
> up.  We do know what the limitations of Wing's static analyzer are and are
> planning on addressing them, though there will always be cases where types
> cannot be determined through static analysis given the dynamic nature of Python.
> Wing also will pull data from a live debug process, which is extremely useful
> when types are not determined through static analysis.
> Cheers,
> John

Although it seems for me an impressive work (pull types from the debug process
to store them for the ide to use) still i think that at the time i have run the
debug process i have made all the hard work of manually type all the functions
with this parameters for the code tested without Wing help (speaking about when
the types have not been determined).

Anyway for modifications or refactoring this should be extremely useful, only
that not for writing the first time.

Miguel Angel.

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