[wingide-users] New script released as open-source: `cute-goto-line`

Ram Rachum ram at rachum.com
Sat Nov 26 14:52:51 MST 2011

Hello folks,

I released a new Wing IDE script as open source.

Thank you John for helping me implement it!

Script page: http://wiki.wingware.com/CuteGotoLine

Go to a specified line number in editor, temporarily showing line numbers.

This script is intended for people who don't like Wing to always show line
numbers in the editors, but who *do* want to see them temporarily when
using Wing's `goto-line` command, usually invoked by Ctrl-L, to go to a
specific line.

Using this script you can see exactly which line you're going to before
issuing the command; and if usually keep line numbers hidden, then they
will be hidden automatically after Wing has moved to the specified line.

Suggested key combination: `Ctrl-L`.

It's released under the LGPL license. Download at GitHub:

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