[wingide-users] Turn off the "don't let me type" setting?

Michael Hipp michael at redmule.com
Tue Nov 15 12:53:55 MST 2011

I really like auto editing, but when it won't let me type characters in a line 
it quickly becomes unhelpful.

I have these two lines:
     charges.widths = [43.57, 59.14, 41.9, 154.72, 24.67, 80.25, 45.77]
     payments.widths = [43.57, 59.14, 56.35, 215.3, 80.25, 45.77]

At the moment I just want to add some spaces in that line at various places so 
I can line up those columns of numbers and see what is what. It won't let me 
add spaces anywhere.

For the moment I took it to an outboard editor, but I'd prefer Wing just not be 
quite so helpful.

So can we change auto editing to *never* prevent the user from typing something 
they want to type? I didn't see anything like this in the Auto-Editing 

4.1.1 on Win7.


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