[wingide-users] request: buffers sidebar

Campbell campbell at bikalabs.com
Mon Nov 14 05:32:41 MST 2011


I use a two-pane editor, and always have the left toolbox enabled, so 
notebook tabs are disabled.  The window selector that replaces them only 
displays has a tiny issue; if I have twenty buffers open, clicking in 
the window selector only shows nine or ten of them, and I have to 
drag-slide up and down against the little arrows to get the whole list 
to display.

Closing windows is now tedious, because I have to find them in the 
window selector, activate them, and close them.  As a result, I 
sometimes have a hectic number of open buffers.  The quickest way out is 
file: close-all, followed by hunting down the files I am actually busy 
with and re-opening them.

Having a tool for displaying open buffers would be very useful.  I could 
put it in the bottom-split of my left toolbox and be happy.

just a thought.

Thanks again.

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