[wingide-users] Want Wing to help with EOL

Michael Hipp michael at redmule.com
Thu Nov 10 12:05:30 MST 2011

For whatever reason, my files occasionally seem to get polluted with an 
inconsistent EOL here or there. I'd really like Wing to just take care of this 
for me and fix the line endings as files are edited or saved. Wing has the 
ability to do this as a project setting, but this feature has one fatal flaw: 
it does not limit itself to files within my project. I do not want it to, for 
example, try to change line endings in wxPython files that I may load. To me, 
this is a bug, it shouldn't mess with files outside its purview.

Is there some way to limit the scope of this feature to only project files? Or 
can we add this to the wishlist?

The same would apply to correcting tab/space/indentation problems.


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