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Tue Nov 1 13:17:03 MDT 2011

On 11/1/11 3:08 PM, Ken Kinder wrote:
> If you type this, and are about to call foobar():
>     def foobar(spam=1, eggs=2 ham=3):
>         pass
>     foobar(
> As I type "foobar(", Wing inserts all the arguments even if I 
> immediately hit the ) button. It seems like if I keep typing, the 
> auto-inserted arguments should just disappear. If I want them, I'll 
> start using the arrow keys to tweak what Wing inserted, but if I don't 
> want the auto-inserted arguments, I'll just start typing more letters 
> or a close-paren.

It should be auto-removing any default args that still have the default 
value.  So when I type foobar( and then ) it ends up as foobar().  Are 
you sure this isn't working?

>     x = {}[1, 2, 3]
> It seems like if the cursor is in the middle of a line, it shouldn't 
> add a closing bracket because it doesn't know what I'm going to do yet.

I'm working on this and related cases.  Note that pressing Alt-{ will 
get you x={[1, 2, 3]} (and Alt-[ and Alt-( work similarly).


Stephan Deibel
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