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Tim Kersten tim at io41.com
Tue Nov 1 10:40:57 MDT 2011

Thanks John. It would be fantastic if it was possible with Wing 5. 

I have been using the auto-reload option at the moment and constantly switch between the two, but it's a little tiresome as it involves more context switching. (i.e.Think "wait, what vim commands can/can't I use again now?") 

Tim ^,^

On Tuesday 1 November 2011 at 16:09, Wing IDE Support wrote:

> It currently isn't possible to script autocomplete through the API. We 
> may add this in the future, but not until Wing 5.
> You can configure Wing to auto-reload files if you want to use vi as 
> your primary editor in its own window, but it would be very difficult to 
> integrate it into Wing to replace the internal editor.
> Cheers,
> John
> On 11/1/11 11:55 AM, Tim Kersten wrote:
> > I'm wondering how much abstraction there is in the internal current
> > auto-completion/call-tips API in Wing. I use VIM a lot, with various
> > plugins and a .vimrc file that been slowing tweaked to suit my
> > workflow over the years I would love to benefit from some of the
> > awesome features Wing Pro has. I use Wing 4.x dailly (and have been
> > for years) but quite often miss several vim features, tweaks or
> > plugins. For web development, I love that I get CSS/html completion
> > and sweet tag editing (i.e. in the inner html of a tag, hitting ESC
> > followed by the keys 'c', 'i', 't' to Change Inside Tag).
> > Is it possible to make use of the API for a vim
> > auto-completion/call-tip plugin now? How much work would this be? If
> > not, is abstracting this to a usable API something that could be done
> > in the move from GTK to Qt with Wing 5?
> > 
> > Perhaps Wing can be run in a headless mode so that vim can be used as
> > the main editor, thereby giving developers the best of both worlds?
> > 
> > Wing is fantastic and there's no way I could ever stop using it for
> > all its python goodness, but it leaves an impossibly large hole to
> > fill for those who make use of vimrc's and plugins.
> > 
> > Kindest Regards,
> > Tim ^,^
> > 

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