[wingide-users] Wing API / The future of Wing

Tim Kersten tim at io41.com
Tue Nov 1 09:55:15 MDT 2011

I'm wondering how much abstraction there is in the internal current
auto-completion/call-tips API in Wing. I use VIM a lot, with various
plugins and a .vimrc file that been slowing tweaked to suit my
workflow over the years I would love to benefit from some of the
awesome features Wing Pro has. I use Wing 4.x dailly (and have been
for years) but quite often miss several vim features, tweaks or
plugins. For web development, I love that I get CSS/html completion
and sweet tag editing (i.e. in the inner html of a tag, hitting ESC
followed by the keys 'c', 'i', 't' to Change Inside Tag).
Is it possible to make use of the API for a vim
auto-completion/call-tip plugin now? How much work would this be? If
not, is abstracting this to a usable API something that could be done
in the move from GTK to Qt with Wing 5?

Perhaps Wing can be run in a headless mode so that vim can be used as
the main editor, thereby giving developers the best of both worlds?

Wing is fantastic and there's no way I could ever stop using it for
all its python goodness, but it leaves an impossibly large hole to
fill for those who make use of vimrc's and plugins.

Kindest Regards,
Tim ^,^

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