[wingide-users] "step into" annoyance

Mitchell Model dev at software-concepts.org
Mon Mar 28 11:27:39 MDT 2011

I find it annoyingly tedious to have "step into" stop on each line of a multi-line argument list when the debugger is stopped at a function call. That is almost never what I want.

I understand that arguments might be function calls that the user does want to step into, so that they can't be ignored completely. Furthermore, some things are functions but don't look like them, in particular getter properties, and the user might want to step into those. (However, those are almost always trivial, and even more annoying to step into than just stopping at an ordinary variable value.)

Could we have a preference setting for  "don't step into arguments of the current call"? Then, if I want to step into one of the arguments that is a function call, I could put my cursor at that point in the argument list and use the Run to Current Cursor command, then do step in.

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