[wingide-users] Best way to integrate wingIDE with Buildout projects?

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Fri Mar 25 09:25:35 MDT 2011

On 3/24/11 8:23 PM, Noe Nieto [http://percepcionunitaria.org]] wrote:
> After adjusting  the main debug file and  the initial directory for the
> debug session I find this error on the Debug I/O panel whenever I try to
> start plone:
> Error: username '/usr/lib/wingide4.0/bin/wingdb.py' not found
> For help, use
> /home/tzicatl/Documentos/programar/iservices/sofomanec/sofomanec.simulador/bin/instance
> -h

Sorry, my mistake -- you don't want to set Python Executable to 
bin/instance.  That should be default or the Python that Plone is using 
(if not the default).

There are actually two ways to debug Plone from Wing.  Both methods are 
described here (the second one is launching from Wing, which is what I 
think you were trying to do):


Sorry for the confusion,


Stephan Deibel
Wingware | Python IDE
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