[wingide-users] Profiling UI for Python?

Linos info at linos.es
Fri Mar 25 01:41:09 MDT 2011

This it is, now that we have highlighted other occurrences of word selected, the 
feature i miss most from my old ide, I have not been profiling for some time now 
because of this, i will try runsnakerun thanks.

El 24/03/11 17:56, Wingware Support escribió:
> On 3/24/11 11:22 AM, Nelson Minar wrote:
>> Are there any nice profiling UIs for Python? I've used cProfile via the
>> interactive shell a few times and it's awfully limited. Partly by what data it
>> can collect, but mostly in how it presents the results. A simple interactive
>> GUI would go a long way.
>> Wing doesn't seem to have any profiling support. Is there another good
>> profiling tool people like to use?
> I only know of http://www.vrplumber.com/programming/runsnakerun/ but have never
> used it.
> Something integrated w/ Wing's editor would be nice of course... it's in our
> longer-term plans.

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