[wingide-users] Autocomplete does not work in the editor with numpy objects

Joon Ro joonpyro at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 23:27:26 MDT 2011


Autocompletion (suggestion) does not work in the editor window with numpy  
objects. (I haven't extensively tried other modules)

For example, if I do the following:

import numpy as np

test = np.zeros((10,10))


after that test., nothing comes up, regardless I have run those first two  
lines in the shell.
But in the Python Shell, after I run the first two lines, after test.,  
autocomplete suggestions comes up normally.

I'm pretty sure it recently started happening. I'm using
Wing IDE Professional 4.0.0-1 (rev 24068) with openSUSE 11.4

I was wondering if I am the only one who is having this problem...

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