[wingide-users] Debug I/O window

Mitchell L Model dev at software-concepts.org
Wed Mar 16 19:58:01 MDT 2011

> On 3/14/11 5:05 PM, Anthony Floyd wrote:
>> I'm sure there's an easy solution, but a long-time irritant is getting more irritating: I always have two separate Wing document windows open (different monitors, same project, mix of files). Each window has a Debug I/O tool in the tool box. When I'm debugging, only one of the Debug I/O tool windows gets the debug messages.*Which*  window gets the messages doesn't obey a ruleset that I've understood yet. Invariably, it's*not* the one connected to the window that I'm looking at right at that moment.
>> Removing the Debug I/O tool from one of the windows doesn't work either: in that case, I'm not guaranteed to see output in the Wing window that has the Debug I/O window -- I might just not see anything.
>> So: Is there some way to control, influence, or predict where the debug messages are going to appear?
> Yes, there's a bug here w/ multiple Debug I/O tools.  If there's only 
> one Debug I/O tool it should never fail to show the output.  It may be 
> that it remains broken after you've removed the second I/O tool until 
> Wing is restarted.
> We'll try to fix this.

This is a longstanding problem I've tried to solve for myself in various ways. Recently I noticed that if I delete the IO tool from the window in which I want the IO output to appear, then reinsert it, the IO starts appearing there. Similarly, if I open a new IO tool in its own window the output starts going there. One way to keep things straight is to remove the IO tool from all your windows and always keep just one open in its own window.

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