[wingide-users] Debug I/O window

Anthony Floyd anthony.floyd at convergent.ca
Mon Mar 14 15:05:42 MDT 2011

I'm sure there's an easy solution, but a long-time irritant is getting more irritating: I always have two separate Wing document windows open (different monitors, same project, mix of files). Each window has a Debug I/O tool in the tool box. When I'm debugging, only one of the Debug I/O tool windows gets the debug messages. *Which* window gets the messages doesn't obey a ruleset that I've understood yet. Invariably, it's *not* the one connected to the window that I'm looking at right at that moment. 

Removing the Debug I/O tool from one of the windows doesn't work either: in that case, I'm not guaranteed to see output in the Wing window that has the Debug I/O window -- I might just not see anything.

So: Is there some way to control, influence, or predict where the debug messages are going to appear?


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