[wingide-users] Debugger: Exceptions docs and more control?

Graham Wideman initcontact at grahamwideman.com
Tue Mar 8 19:14:09 MST 2011

Thanks for the detailed answers, and please see comments below.

At 3/8/2011 08:21 AM, Wing IDE Support wrote:
>Since exceptions are used for non-error flow control in Python and for probing to see if things are implemented, the always report mode isn't very useful 

That is an especially excellent point!  In various compiled languages, use of exceptions for non-error purposes is a time-wasting and convention-violating no-no.  Consequently, it's taking a while to develop an intuition for where exceptions are customarily used in Python, and how frequent they arise in the libraries in non-error situations.

>and I doubt limiting to project files would help much.

Well, in my current projects it definitely would, but that's because I've stuck to using exceptions only for errors.  :-).

>On 3/8/11 5:22 AM, Graham Wideman wrote:
>>1. The "Report Logged Exceptions In When Printed Mode" checkbox
>If enabled, this treats a call to logging.exception as if the traceback was printed.

Ah, OK, so here "Logged" refers to the logging library. I didn't realize that there is a logging library ordained as The Official one. Fair enough.

>>2. Immediate if Appear Unhandled:  What happens if debugger thinks an exception *is* handled -- no report? Or report, but not immediate?
>If the debugger thinks the exception is handled, it is not reported.

Thanks for clarification.  

>>3. How do the Never Report and Always Report lists interact with the Report Exceptions choices?
>Never in the named lists overrides the Report Exceptions setting so never means never (or almost never) and always means always. 

I'm hoping that Always Report overrides "Immediate if Appear Uhandled", so that I can make my error-catching exceptions appear unhandled without a lot of conditional code.

Thanks, Graham  

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