[wingide-users] PyLint (or alternative) for Python v3.x?

Graham Wideman initcontact at grahamwideman.com
Mon Mar 7 14:48:36 MST 2011

Hi folks,

Can someone comment on whether PyLint for Python 3 (integrated with Wing IDE) is viable yet?

I looked at the PyLint integration page:

... and it makes it sound straightforward, but doesn't mention Python 3 specifically. Then I followed the trail to the logilab pylint website, and from there to the easy_install instructions, and from there to the Distribute project that might be replacing the setuptools project and might or might not have deprecated easy_install... 

I'd appreciate any reports from savvy wingide users who have been through the process and can report that it works.

Or, suggestions for alternatives.


-- Graham

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