[wingide-users] Interactive Debugger and JPype

Jeremy Lewi jlewi at intellisis.com
Mon Mar 7 12:46:37 MST 2011



I have a script which I'm running in interactive mode that imports the
module jpype. The code runs fine, but if I attempt to execute any code in
the debug probe, the program terminates. I'm using wing 4.0.0-1


This can be reproduced by executing a script with the following lines


from jpype import *

print "hello world"


Put a break point on the print statement and execute it in debug mode. When
it stops try to enter "print" in the debug probe. Execution terminates.


If you do

import jpype

print "hello world"


You get slightly different behavior. The debug probe works as long as you
don't type "jpype."  Which leads me to believe it might be some issue with
how the debug probe interacts with JPype to do code completion.


I can easily work around this problem. A solution would be nice but I mostly
just want to report the issue in case its not jpype specific.



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