[wingide-users] Mercurial integration question

Adi J. Sieker adi at sieker.info
Mon Mar 7 12:06:02 MST 2011


On 07/03/11 16:29, Wingware Support wrote:
> On 3/7/11 7:40 AM, Adi J. Sieker wrote:
>> my mercurial repository is the same dir as the projects root folder. 
>> i.e the directory itself is not shown in the project tool, only it's 
>> content.
>> How can I execute a mercurial command like status or diff on the 
>> whole repository?
>> I can select everything in the project tool and then do a status/diff 
>> whatever, although that feels like a workaround.
> You may want to change the Project Home Directory in the Options tab 
> of Project Properties so the project view shows the tree that you want.
That did the trick. Thank you.
> Also, Project Status in the Mercurial menu may work but I think it's 
> better to adjust the project view.
Although those might be just enough for me. I honestly didn't see them...


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