[wingide-users] Mercurial integration question

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Mon Mar 7 08:29:34 MST 2011

On 3/7/11 7:40 AM, Adi J. Sieker wrote:
> my mercurial repository is the same dir as the projects root folder. 
> i.e the directory itself is not shown in the project tool, only it's 
> content.
> How can I execute a mercurial command like status or diff on the whole 
> repository?
> I can select everything in the project tool and then do a status/diff 
> whatever, although that feels like a workaround.

You may want to change the Project Home Directory in the Options tab of 
Project Properties so the project view shows the tree that you want.

Also, Project Status in the Mercurial menu may work but I think it's 
better to adjust the project view.


Stephan Deibel
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